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Black Friday weekend specials! Shop Beautycounter for these awesome deals!

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Safer, Non-Toxic? Yes Please! This last spring, I branched out from photography into a new business "adventure" and I'm excited to share!  Bear with me, as I am not a writer, and really prefer to tell stories with my camera.  So here's the scoop......  

Several years ago, I started questioning the safety of what I was using to clean my home.  I had already been striving for cleaner food.  More organic and less preservatives, and no artificial sweeteners were a given, and we try to limit our sugar.  Why is the sugar thing so hard?   Anyway, I then began to question the safety of sunscreens and that led me to examine all the personal care products my family was using.  For the longest time I thought if I purchased a product that had the word "natural" or "organic" then it must be safe.  Then I dug deeper and discovered that wasn't always the case.  It was so frustrating to read labels and I tried so many different products that were somewhat safe but they didn't perform well.  In March of 2016, while searching for anti-aging skincare for myself, I came across this company, Beautycounter.  I read about their commitment to safety and that they ban over 1500 ingredients.  I learned that the US only bans 11 ingredients in personal care products and the European Union bans over 1400!  I learned that many ingredients we put on our skin every day can be a carcinogen, or hormone disruptors, linked to learning disabilities, birth defects, or linked to infertility.  Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs up to 60% of what we put on it.  Scary, right?  After a ton of research, (I tend to be very skeptical and need a lot of proof and convincing), I purchased an eye cream and sunscreen from Beautycounter.  The Rejuvenating Eye Cream was wonderful!  My husband and I started using it every day and we both noticed less puffiness within a day or so, and then over the next month or so, started seeing our crows feet soften.  The sunscreen was the 8th or 9th safe, mineral sunscreen brand I had tried and it was the first one that didn't stay greasy and didn't leave us looking like ghosts!  I was immediatley sold on the sunscreen.  Even my kids loved it!  After using a couple more products and falling in love with the mission of Beautycounter (To get safer products into the hands of everyone), I decided I had to get involved!  I became a consultant for Beautycounter in May 2016.  This is my first time to have a direct sales business and it has been an amazing journey so far.  I love that this company is like no other.  I love that it is mission driven, and education comes first, then the products.  I can't believe I get to help spread the word and educate about safer products, and build a business.  The best part is the personal growth and learning to step outside my comfort zone.  As well as all the positive woman and men on my team that are so inspiring!  Oh, and not to mention, the products!  I have become a product junkie!  My whole family uses Beautycounter from head to toe.  Love the skincare and makeup, as well as the body lotion!  Wow!  Even the shampoo and conditioner are amazing!  Have to admit, I didn't think the hair products would wow me.  The kids and baby products are gentle and smell delicious!  I'm excited for Beautycounter to come out with a deodarant and hair styling products.  For now, Native deodorant is a safe one I've found that works for me.  I do still use a hair spray that isn't all that safe, but hey, it's not about perfection, but progress.  On that note, I don't think we need to live in fear of toxins, and throw everything away.  Taking steps to lower our toxin load, are steps in the right direction.  We can't control every last toxin we may be exposed to, but we can control some by the choices we make when we purchase food and products.  

So thank you for letting me rattle on and share my excitement!  

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The Barker Family

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Spring Daisy2009 Copyright Amy Hillstead




Spring, a time of renewal and promise.  I don't know about you, but I need to shake off the slumber like feelings of winter.  The sun brings revived energy and motivation for me.  As well, the blooming flowers, and cherry blossoms on trees send me outside, camera in hand, excited to capture the beauty of God's creation.  

I also look forward to the outdoor photo sessions that spring welcomes.  I love to get outside with my clients and have fun!  What a way to capture memories.  I often pause, while walking through my home, or let's be real, more likely rushing with another basket of laundry, and look at a photograph on my wall.  The feelings and memories they stir………. I never get enough. 

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Crossroads Pumpkin Patch & Harvest Fest

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Member of Professional Photographers of America Member, Professional Photographers of America

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2nd Annual Crossroads Family Camp

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Families ~ The Sherwood Family

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